Local Author Interview

by Amanda Ruff

Interview by Trine Grillo

This month we introduce local North Idaho author Robin Ulbredtch.

Thank you for joining us, Robin. Tell a bit about yourself and your connection to our Sandpoint area.
My family has lived in this area for more than 85 years. I was born and raised in Bonners Ferry until my high school years when my family moved to Sandpoint. I now live here with my husband Steve. Between us, we have eight grown sons. I am a Christian writer and we especially love this area because we see the miraculously creative handiwork of God surrounding us in the beautiful mountainous environment.

That certainly brings relevance to your book title Behold Our Awesome God. Can you give a summary of it?
Behold Our Awesome God is a 13-week Bible Study on the attributes of God. Each lesson presents an attribute of God, such as God is Love or God is all-powerful. Included is a true story of a person from the Bible to illustrate how God gets involved in the lives of people with His miraculous abilities. The guide is suitable for individual and/or group study and includes study helps for the teacher/leader.

Which chapter is your favorite or the most meaningful to you?
Chapter Six – God is Love. People often think of God as angry, far away, impersonal, or unloving. I believe I can show others that He is real, He loves people, and wants relationship with us.

How long did it take to write the study and finally publish it?
The work is a culmination of ten years of inspiration from God and other believers, as well as Bible reading and prayer. After submitting the completed manuscript, publication took about three months.

Do you have a specific writing process?
I usually begin with an idea, a Scripture, a vision, or word God puts on my heart. I write them down on paper and let them float around in my mind for a while. And then I write. I most often write from home. Occasionally I go out to a coffee shop or the library.

Any advice for aspiring writers out there?
Join a writers’ group for encouragement, interaction with other writers, training on the basics of writing, publishing, and improvement of your skills.

What’s next for Robin Ulbredtch?
I am presently working on a book entitled Nehemiah: A Man of Enduring Faith.

Good luck with your current project, Robin! How can your audience find you?
Our local group North Idaho Christian Writers meets the second and fourth Saturday of each month at the Sandpoint Library.
Our websites are:
All are welcome to join us!

Thank you, Robin, and we wish you continued success on your writing journey.

Robin’s study book and other works are available for check out at the Library at both the Sandpoint and Clark Fork locations as well as through the Bookmobile.

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