Tutoring & Proctoring

The Lifelong Learning Center is a place for continuing education for all ages.
Located on the second floor of the Sandpoint Library branch, the center consists of five tutoring rooms, one coordinator and MANY volunteer tutors!

Tutoring Services

Students and families meet with the coordinator, Mike, and are carefully matched with a tutor based on the student’s needs and the tutor’s skills. Once matched, the tutor and student determine the best time for tutoring sessions. Generally, students and tutors meet weekly for one hour.

Tutoring Opportunities

  • Civics Test Prep
  • English as a Second Language
  • USCIS Speaking and Writing Interviews
  • General Studies
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Computers
  • E-mail
  • eReaders
  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • Online applications
  • Zoom orientation
  • Much more!

If you need a service or repair performed on a device, we recommend contacting one of our local computer service providers.

Ready to get started?

Enrollments are dependent on tutor availability. Currently, we have a waiting list for students. We will make every effort to place a student in a timely fashion, but it could be at least 2-3 weeks before placement. If you have questions, please call Mike Bauer at 208-265-2665.

Tutor Request

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Please give us a brief description of what you would like to accomplish in your tutoring sessions.

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Proctoring Services

Need a local exam proctor?

After you fill out the request we will contact you for scheduling arrangements.

Proctor Request

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Tutoring Rooms

  • Not for profit tutoring
  • Distance Learning
  • Career Development

Tutoring Room Request

Room use must meet the following guidelines in the Tutoring Room Policy:

  • Distance Learning
  • Not for profit tutoring
  • Job training, interviews, etc
  • Acedemic activities that may disturb others
  • TypeFaster students

Tutoring room priority is given to tutoring and test proctoring. Patrons using rooms for other purposes may need to move or reschedule if the room is needed for these purposes.
Room reservations are limited to 10 hours per week and must be cleaned and emptied at the agreed-upon time.
Rooms will be released 15 minutes after the start of the reservation if the patron has not arrived by that time.

Tutoring Room Policy


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