What is a seed library?

A seed library is a collection of seeds that are available for lending just like a book or a movie. Our goal is to offer non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and open-pollinated seeds for free exchange. We will be offering a variety of classes and programs to introduce organic gardening, seed collection, and gardening sustainability. East Bonner County is located in Zones 5 - 6, and we’d love to have seeds that will grow here!

Seed libraries are located at both the Clark Fork Library and the Sandpoint Library.

How do I use the seed library?

  1. Check out seeds from the seed library collection.
  2. Plant seeds.
  3. Grow plants.
  4. Harvest Seeds.
  5. Return harvested seeds to the seed library collection.

Seed donations are always welcome. All seeds must be open-pollinated &/or heirloom, organic and locally harvested.

How can I help?

Community volunteers are in charge of organization and maintenance.  If you wish to volunteer your time to present a program or help maintain the seed libraries, please fill out a volunteer application.
For more information about donations or seed checkout, pleasecontact us.

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