Wireless Printing

Printing from INSIDE The Library

(1st time only)

  1. Inside the library, register for your printing account using your library card and pin for your username and password.
  2. Verify your registration via the email confirmation.
    • If you created an account on our public computers, you can use the same account.

Set-up your device:
(1st time only)

  1. Once registered and verified, visit Printer Setup to get your device ready by installing the printer.
  2. Choose to install the Sandpoint or Clark Fork printer in this step.


  1. Go to the file or site and select print.
  2. Choose "Library Printers".
  3. Go to the copier to release your print jobs.

Printing from OUTSIDE The Library

Works for PDF and image files only.
  1. Email your file to libraryprint@ebonnerlibrary.org.
  2. Come to either library to release your print.

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