November is an odd month. Not quite winter, not quite autumn, it starts with elections and ends with a holiday based on gratitude and the celebration of a healthy harvest. Well, theoretically, at least. Often, it seems that the Thanksgiving holiday (AKA “Turkey Day” AKA “the lull before Christmas”) can just as easily descend into overindulgence and family strife, or cause massive amounts of stress on panicked hosts trying not to dry out the top-heavy fowl taking pride of place on an overloaded feast table.

That said, I’m no Thanksgiving grinch; I love turkey and pumpkin pie and (fresh! What are you, a heathen?!) cranberry sauce, gluten-free stuffing, and even the occasional green bean casserole (frequently questionable, but nostalgia alone lets me enjoy this one). In fact, it’s entirely possible that I enjoy this holiday a little too much, considering that my foreign-born parents, not understanding American traditional foods, usually combined forces with a neighboring vegetarian / alternative / hippie / what have you family’s celebration instead, where the massive bird was replaced by a pan of flavorless baked tofu and the pumpkin was sweet potato, the crusts were whole wheat, and the sugar got left out of everything. When I finally had “real” pumpkin pie, it was a revelation and remains my favorite to this day. However, if tofu floats your bean-loving boat, you have dietary restrictions, or you’d just rather not eat dead animals, the Library has plenty of options for you:

 The Superfun Times: Vegan Holiday CookbookCelebrations CookbookVegan Holiday Cooking

And if you prefer to keep it traditional, of course we've got that too:

cook wellyear of holidaysthe thanksgiving table

Whatever your poison, during this cold / gray / misty / crisp / drizzly month of November, I invite you to express your gratitude for the harvest, the end of Daylight Saving Time, democracy, and our brave veterans, and then…. stuff yourself silly, and enjoy that midday nap.

Vanessa Velez, Collection Development Librarian

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