What do Movie Gallery, Blockbuster, and West Coast Video have in common? Each of these companies was once in the DVD rental business. When the entertainment industry shifted due to consumer preferences, they became obsolete. Why weren’t they nimble enough to pivot when new technology changed the entertainment landscape? It was because they were in the DVD industry; not the entertainment industry. These giants fell for thinking too small.

Libraries are charged with providing access to information and entertainment, among other things. They are not in the book industry, or the DVD industry, or the lending industry (if that were a thing). When the digital age began to emerge, it became clear that the way people consume information and entertainment was changing. Libraries that dug their heels in the sand, choosing not to adapt, closed. Fortunately, most libraries began offering digital versions of physical materials long ago.

illustration showing streaming on a smart phone

One example is movie and TV show streaming. From our website, go to The Digital Library and find Hoopla. There you can browse bingeable TV shows for everyone in the family; from “Beavis and Butthead” to “The Great British Baking Show.” You’ll also discover some great classic movies as well as recent releases. Borrows are available for 3 days and then they check themselves back in – no late fees! You can stream shows directly to your device or to your television with Roku or Apple TV. You’ll find a helpful tutorial on how to do this in Niche Academy in The Digital Library (you can also access Niche Academy by clicking the green “Tutorials” tab on the right side of the home page). Select the Hoopla tutorial and find the FAQ that explains how to use it on your TV.

illustration showing streaming on a tv

No internet? No problem. You can download shows to your device from a WiFi hotspot, like the free, high-speed WiFi from Ting Internet at The Library.

When you’re looking for shows to binge, don’t overlook the obvious. The library might be your new favorite digital streaming service.

Marcy Timblin, Marketing & Public Relations


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