Once upon a time there was a box of books tucked away in an attic. It sat in the dark for years waiting to be discovered by someone who would appreciate the books inside.

One day, the attic light came on and the box felt a warm embrace as it was lifted up. The box was opened for the first time in ages so that some CDs and DVDs could be stuffed inside. The freshness of the outdoor air surrounded the box as it was gently placed in a car. The natural light from the many windows and subtle vibration of the moving vehicle built anticipation until suddenly the movement stopped. A chill rushed over the box as the hatchback was opened. After some brief conversation between the driver and the librarian, the box was hoisted out of the car and taken to its new home. The books were sorted and shared with the Friends of the Library or added to the library collection where they lived happily ever after.

For a box of books, being donated is the best thing that could ever happen. But, there are a few things you should know before you load that box into your Subaru.

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Donating materials actually starts before you bring them in. Here is a guide to donating materials to The Library:

  1. Thank you. First of all, thanks for thinking of us. When items are not needed for circulation, we pass them along to the Friends of the Library who sell them at their monthly book sales. That money goes toward funding library programs and equipment.
  2. Inquire first. We applaud your efforts to declutter. To save yourself and that hopeful box of books potential disappointment, you can call ahead to see if we are taking the types of formats you have to offer. We don’t take anything that is date-sensitive such as text books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or computer manuals. We only take materials that we have in the collection, so, no 8-track tapes, cassettes, or VHS. Sometimes, we are overrun with a particular item that we can’t take any more of. Local thrift stores often take what we don’t.
  3. Flip, Smell, & Toss. If you have materials that have been stored for some time, you may not know what is lurking in that box. Prior to loading it up in the car, please flip through the individual items for mold, mildew, and teeny critters that could infest other materials, as well as water damage, etc. If it looks like something you wouldn’t want to check out or buy from a thrift store, go ahead and toss it. Pacific Steel & Recycling takes books for recycling.
  4. Save Your Back. After a big purge-fest, you might want to export everything out immediately. We can only take a maximum of 3 boxes of items at a time - good news for whoever has to haul them out to the car.
  5. Estimate in Advance. If you need a tax donation form, you can pick one up in advance or download one from www.ebonnerlibrary.org. We don’t have adequate space to allow you to sort through the materials to determine the value, so please do that before you arrive. There are restrictions for writing off donated materials to be aware of.
  6. Don’t Dump & Run. Imagine how The Library would look if people left bags and boxes of materials outside, not to mention the potential weather damage to the items. Just pull up to the back of the library where the garage is located (near Oak Street) and ring the doorbell. One of us will come right out to assist you.

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We know that your donated materials have a story of their own. We appreciate your contributions and want to make it a happy ending for everyone involved. For inquiries about donating materials to our Branch Libraries, call 263-6930..

Marcy Timblin, Public Relations and Marketing

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