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Weiss Financial Ratings Series has everything you need to create and improve a financial plan at any stage in life.

With access to more than 40,000 investment ratings on stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds, and 21,000 safety ratings on banks, credit unions, and insurance companies, you’ll enjoy unprecedented coverage of the investments and companies you want to follow.

Weiss Financial Ratings Series has an excellent track record for identifying and warning the public about troubled companies, so you won’t invest in a bad stock or buy life insurance from a failing company.
Weiss does not accept any compensation from the companies or investments it rates, and they cannot preview the ratings or suppress publication for any reason, so you will always have unbiased information.

Weiss Financial Ratings Series:
With Weiss Financial Ratings, you can:

  • Check the values and ratings of stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds
  • Check ratings of banks, credit unions and insurance companies
  • Compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
  • Download financial literacy & planning eBooks (PDF files to keep forever)

More features:

  • Independent, unbiased financial strength ratings of banks, credit unions & insurance companies
  • Conservative buy-hold-sell ratings of thousands of stocks, mutual funds & exchange traded funds
  • Create your own personal account to create a watchlist, get upgrade/downgrade notifications and log in from anywhere
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance - which plan to choose, how much it will cost, compare rates & plan benefits
  • Includes important financial literacy tools from Weiss Ratings and Grey House Publishing

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Online listing of the trusted Weiss guides to stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), banks, credit unions and insurance companies. Also contains the valuable Medigap tool detailing Medicare supplemental insurance options and Financial Literacy Basics guides about budgeting, paying off student loans, opening bank and investment accounts, and other key financial skills.


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