"Hi, this is Nannette. I have been a volunteer at EBCL for the past 5 yrs.

Twenty years ago,my daughter and I left Seattle and moved to Sandpoint. I knew of Sandpoint as I learned to ski at Schweitzer and worked in Bayview in the mid '70"s. Due to conscious decisions to simplify my life and a bit of luck,I have been able to be semi-retired for the last 10 yrs. and volunteer at different organizations.The following photos with descriptions gives a look at what I have done since 1985. Thanks,for being interested. And don't forget, "Came for the lake, stayed for the library."

making trufflesEsthers Bakery in Seattle

Estelle on Seattle Library cover Farmer's Market Picture

Habitat for Humanity Picture - 2007 and 2011Soup Kitchen Food Picture

food bank fundraisers daughter's graduation picture

habitat for humanity in Brazilhomeless transitions fundraiser

library volunteerpreparing to skydive

senior center and foodbank fundraiser

My labor of love at the East Bonner County Library District was to shelve the cookbook section after the remodel. I sincerely say of all my volunteer experience, the EBCL (that's you Annette) has delivered the most satisfaction (feeling good) and gratitude (feeling appreciated.)

Nannette Heintzelman  
Volunteer shelver, sorter, program helper & anything and everything extraordinaire!


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