Natural Connections

Join us for our second Natural Connections event in The Library Garden. In addition to the schedule, Anna Hebard, our Garden Coordinator will be available to show all that the Library Garden has to offer. 
Stay for the full event or stop in for portions that interest you. The event will go on, rain or shine!

Check out our schedule for the day:


Exploring Connections between Nature and Health
Ayurveda, known as the Science of Life, explores how the cycles of nature affect our health and well-being. Yvonne Heitz, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor will guide us through this ancient Vedic science that teaches how health is a reflection of our environment, daily rhythms, diet, and mental outlook on life. It views each person as a unique individual and optimum health as being naturally achievable by following a lifestyle that supports your individual qualities and needs. We will discuss how Ayurveda can guide you to discover your unique body type and how to make a positive change in your health through diet, digestion and environment.
Did you know that the seasons can impact your digestive system?
Are hormones influenced by digestion?
Do different types of foods and spices effect your mind, body, mood and health?
What are the connections between food, spices, taste, and your health?
You have probably heard “ You are what you eat”. Well, Ayurveda teaches “ You are not what you eat—You are what you digest”. Discover why Ayurveda places so much importance on digestion. We will discuss the 3 stages of digestion and how to heal yourself with food and spices.
Do you know the best time to eat? What to eat? How much to eat? Learn which of these is the most important and why.
How do the 6 tastes directly affect your health? We will explore the qualities and effects of different foods and spices through discussion, taste, and observation. Traditional Ayurvedic healing recipes will be provided.
Experience the digestive effects of “Six Tastes” with lunch from Sandpoint Curry*.

About Yvonne Heitz, AWC, LMT:
Yvonne has devoted her life to learning and studying Ayurveda. She began her studies in 2001 at California College of Ayurveda and has continued her studies through raising 4 boys and running an Ayurvedic massage and Consulting business in Sandpoint, ID. She is currently finishing her studies at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy specializing in traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations and Panchakarma techniques. She enjoys sharing the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with others and gets great satisfaction from watching people learn to support and manage their own health.

*Lunch will be provided to the first 25 program participants.

Join us in the Library Garden with Anna Hebard for a hands-on exploration of different styles and techniques to save and clean seeds. In this one-hour participatory demonstration, we will handle various types of dry seeds and discuss how to process wet seeds, plus take home seeds for next years garden!

About Anna:
Anna Hebard is a graduate of Organic Farm School of Whidbey Island, WA. There she learned how to save seeds from the Organic Seed Alliance. For 6 years she managed and operated an urban farm where she grew food, flowers and seeds to benefit nonprofit groups who would serve hot meals to homeless, low-income housing, womens and childrens shelters. This experience gave her the knowledge and know-how to create opportunities to connect with where our food comes from – Seeds.


As fall and winter approach and the garden fades, learn how to prepare your garden for winter and turn your garden cleanup into soil for next Spring! Nina Eckberg will teach us about proper garden tool maintenance and actively help us clear part of The Library garden after harvest. She will also show us about the what, why and how of building an active compost pile. This is hand-on and participatory so be prepared to get your hands dirty. Be sure to bring your questions about composting and how to keep your garden area healthy through the winter.

About Nina:
Nina Eckberg received her Bachelor of Science degree in Horticultural Science and Plant Pathology from Colorado State University in 1994 at the tender age of 41.
Using her education for the next 25 years as a landscaper, county extension agent, noxious weed supervisor, executive director for resource conservation and development, arborist for the city of Post Falls, community garden manager and horticultural consultant.
Nina has lived in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho since 2002 and is married to an entomologist (bug guy!).

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Sep 23 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Sandpoint Library Garden


Adult Programming Coordinator
208-263-6930 ext 1103
[email protected]
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