Natural Connections June

Join us for Natural Connections on Saturday, June 22 at the Sandpoint Library. Come for the full event or just stop in for the portions that interest you.

Here is our schedule for the day:

10 AM: The Japanese Art and Functionality of Furoshiki and Origami
Hiromi, visiting from Japan, will present Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping method. . Need to add a little snap to your gift giving? A squire cloth and a little style can set you on your way. This method of wrapping objects for beauty and ease of transport has been around for centuries. It is once again returning to relevance in that it is easy to perform and ecologically sound since it uses the fabric over and over again.
Amy will present Japanese Origami. The paper for origami was originally used for religious writings, but people began to use paper to wrap various items such as offerings to the gods. Eventually, the folds on the paper that were made when offerings and gifts were wrapped gave rise to the ritual folds, in which the wrappings were beautifully folded and decorated. People began to enjoy the art of folding itself, and this is how origami came to be an art form. “Origami” is considered to be both stimulative and educational. Here is your chance to create fun practical origami objects together.
All materials will be provided so that you can try these traditional Japanese arts during the program.
About the presenters:
Hiromi Naniwa has worked at Sapporo City Hospital in Japan as a midwife for 40 years and is currently visiting Idaho.
Amy Murphy is a coordinator who helps Japanese who are learning English to experience American culture. Although originally from Japan, she has lived in Sandpoint for 10 years. Amy is a mother of two boys and likes reading, hiking and baking.
Even though she lives in America and still struggles with English, Amy believes that learning the language in a country is helpful and more efficient than learning from a book. That is why she wants more Japanese people to learn English from being here. She also wants to give local people a chance to know about another country’s culture. That is why she enjoys being a coordinator to connect people between Japan and America and has arranged this presentation with Hiromi for the community.

12 PM: Dynamic Stretching in The Library Garden

Come stretch your muscles and your mind so you can feel awesome in your body! Even if you are not flexible this is a great class for you. Taught by a former professional ballerina/collegiate dance instructor this class is tailored to the students who show up! Dynamic movement and partner resistance will be used to make flexibility a possibility for everyone. We will learn safe and effective ways to stretch and strengthen at the same time. Wear comfortable clothing and running shoes (for traction for some stretches) and bring a yoga mat if you have it for this program in the Sandpoint Library Garden (inside if it rains). There will be a limited number of mats available for those without.

Picture of a woman doing a deep stretch

About the presenter:
Charis is a professional dancer, teacher, textile artist, and energy practitioner. You can find her offerings at The Yellow Room, and Embody Dance and Wellness. Or connect with her through instagram @flax.and.felt.

2 PM: Mushrooms in North Idaho

Art Church will teach a class on safely identifying mushrooms in North Idaho and then will show us in a hands-on demonstration how to inoculate a raised garden bed with king stropharia mushrooms. This class will give attendees a foundation to start their mushroom foraging or mushroom growing journey. After a short presentation on mushroom safety, Art will inoculate a raised bed in the Library garden with King Stropharia mycelium. We’ll learn about the symbiotic relationship mushrooms have with the plants around us and how they will enhance your soil.
About the presenter:
Art Church has been foraging and growing and most importantly eating mushrooms for 45 years. He is a wealth of information about all things gardening and we are lucky he is so willing to share his knowledge with the community. Art is passionate about bringing us back to the basics in life. His emphasis is on safety when foraging and growing mushrooms and wants people to be safe while enjoying nature.


Jun 22 2024


10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Sandpoint Library
1407 Cedar St. Sandpoint, Idaho


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