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Join us for Natural Connections this month at the Clark Fork Library. There will also be an opportunity for the same event in Sandpoint on Thursday, November 9th at 5:30 PM!

Pemmican Making: The First Survival Food

Pemmican is an excellent way to preserve your wild game into a shelf-stable, high-energy food, that is perfect for any outdoor adventure.  Pemmican isn’t just a survival food; it’s a testament to the resilience of indigenous communities and early explorer’s diets for generations.

Join Karie Lee in this hands-on participatory workshop, as we explore the historical significance of pemmican in North America and learn how to make pemmican for your family. Selected as one of her 10 items during her experience on Alone, Season 9, Karie Lee relied on this potent blend of lean meat, fat, and berries to keep her nourished, even with just one small bite daily. Containing a comprehensive array of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, it’s no wonder Pemmican has stood the test of time.

Prepare to roll up your sleeves for a hands-on experience at the Clark Fork Library!

About Karie Lee:

Karie Lee is the Founder of Sacred Cedars Wilderness School where she and other fine instructors share their wisdom of the woods. You can join her on week-long immersion expeditions into the wilderness, where you can unplug from the mundane world and plug into nature’s landscape of magical wonder. Learning to attune your senses, craft with buckskin, make cool stuff from natural materials, fish and forage for your dinner meals, are just a few things that may touch your soul in this life-changing experience.

She also delves into the world of Energy Medicine work and supplements treatments for clients with hand-foraged, wild-crafted herbal remedies and flower essences. A passionate champion for healthy food, she also makes time to work for a pesticide research scientist, collecting data to be analyzed and published in scientific journals on pesticide toxicity and the impact of the foods you eat.

Karie’s home of 23 years, is a 30-foot (9 meters) off-grid yurt deep in the woods, where she weaves primitive skills into her daily life. She is surrounded and supported by the natural world around her: water comes from the sky; warmth from the trees; food and medicine from the plants and wildlife; all “waste” is composted and returned to the forest to be recycled. She even built a gravity-fed, fire-heated bathhouse containing a shower and sauna!

Recently, she was a competitor on the History Channel’s survival show, Alone, Season 9. Motivated by a childhood dream to go out into the wilderness with nothing but a knife to survive, she challenged herself to the core, except she had 9 other items to boot! Her adult-self took it as a spiritual quest of how deep connection with nature and the ancestors of the land is of key importance of survival. Watch the show to see how it went!

For more information of Karie’s journey and upcoming course at Sacred Cedars Wilderness School, go to
Instagram: karie_lee_knoke
Facebook: Karie Lee Knoke or Sacred Cedars Wilderness School

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Nov 04 2023


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