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Biodiversity Matters Series: Feature Film

The feature-length documentary film Regenerating Life: How to Cool the Planet, Feed the World, and Live Happily Ever After by John Feldman will be shown as part of the Biodiversity Matters Series at the Sandpoint Library. Transform climate anxiety into climate action!
Regenerating Life is a hopeful story that champions solutions and positivity for our planet’s future. Discover the people pursuing attainable solutions while growing healthy food and building healthy communities.
This film is split up into three parts: Water Cools the Planet, Life Sustains the Climate, and Small Farms Feed the World. Hear from people working on solutions like Vandana Shiva (Navdanya), Walter Jehne (Regenerate Earth, Ltd), Karen Washington (Rise & Root Farm), and Jim Laurie (Restoration Biologist).
This film takes an ecological approach to unraveling the climate crisis. It proposes that it is humankind’s relentless destruction of the natural world that has caused the climate crisis. This is because nature- the vast, interconnected web of biodiversity that exists on our planet regulates and balances Earth’s climate.

Presenter info:
Filmmaker John Feldman (Symbiotic Earth) explores how life regulates the climate through photosynthesis and the carbon cycle; the water cycle; the dung cycle; and the vast interconnected soil network of fungi, microorganisms, and plant roots. He visits people who are working on solutions and looking for ways to repair the damage inflicted on the landscape. By working with nature, they are restoring the forests, fields, wetlands, and oceans. They are regenerating the soil in order to grow healthy food and build healthy, resilient communities.
Wild Ones Northern Rockies Chapter is co-sponsoring the showing of this film with the Sandpoint Library.  Wild Ones chapters are a space where like-minded people gather to support each other in learning about landscaping with native plants and to share with others in their communities and networks about why it’s important to reintroduce native plants into public and private gardens and how to go about doing it. Chapters are where change happens.

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May 20 2024


5:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Sandpoint Library
1407 Cedar St. Sandpoint, Idaho


Adult Programming Coordinator
208-263-6930 ext 1103
[email protected]
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