Local Author Interview

by Amanda Ruff

Interview by Danielle Largesse

We recently had the honor of interviewing Pam Webb. Pam is a retired teacher, a member of the Friends of the Library and of course, a local author. Meet Pam!

How long have you lived in the Northwest? What initially attracted you to this place? Has living in this area influenced your writing?

I have lived in the greater Northwest region for most of my life. Moving to Sandpoint was based on wanting to get back to that small town feel and needing more trees and less buildings in my life. I often place aspects of Sandpoint in my stories such as characters living in a small town with one main high school, having an awesome local library, a beach by a lake–adding in setting details helps make a story more realistic.

Can you tell us a little bit about your books/writing? What inspired you to write?

My writing interests range from picture books to adult. I have a variety of interests, making it difficult to devote to one particular writing genre. My published book, Someday We Will, is a picture book about the anticipation of a visit between grandparents and grandchildren, which is based on the joy I experienced when visiting my granddaughter. I was encouraged to become a writer by my fifth grade teacher and I am finding stories that need telling, so I continue to write.

What do you want readers to take away from your books?

My hope is whatever I write encourages people to embrace the joy of reading, how reading can inspire an appreciation for certain emotions, situations, or help them think about life a bit differently.

What are your hobbies outside of writing?

I am a voracious reader, reading about 150 books a year. I volunteer at our local library through Friends of the Library. Casual birdwatching while working in my yard is another favorite. I also post lesson plans on Teacher Pays Teachers.

What is next for you? How can readers find you?

I have a blog at www.pam-webb.com and I occasionally post on Instagram @cricket_muse. I freelance for Sandpoint Magazine and articles can be found in the current issue. At present I am editing writing projects ranging from picture books to a middle grade novel about the 1800s Idaho Gold Rush, along with working on a couple of YA novels. I am also sending out two different adult novels. One is a retelling of My Fair Lady and the other is Hamlet retold as a detective mystery. I plan to create more Shakespeare reader’s theater scripts for Teachers Pay Teachers, as they are popular sellers and can be found at www.teacherspayteachers.com English Is Not A Bore Store.

Any last parting thoughts?

I appreciate our local library. The staff, the programs, the building design, the diverse collection are part of why I so enjoy living in Sandpoint. Reading is what helps me become a stronger writer, and the local library is amazing in how they accommodate my requests for books, either through interlibrary loan or purchasing them.