3D Printing

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the process of creating physical objects from a three-dimensional digital model.
You can design your own models or have pre-made models printed at the Clark Fork and Sandpoint Libraries at a minimal cost.
Check out our 3D Print Menu for examples.

Prusa 3D Printer

What can I print?

Option 1: Select a model to print.
If you are not familiar with 3D modeling software, try printing an existing model design. Browse and download 3D design files from a few different websites like Thingiverse or select a print from our 3D Print Menu.

Option 2: Design your own model.
If you want to design your own print, use a free 3D modeling program such as Tinkercad (easiest) or Blender. Our public computers allow both of these free programs to be downloaded. Make sure to save your file in .STL format.

How do I order a 3D Print?

  1. Submit the form below to begin your request.
  2. Staff will contact you shortly via email or phone to tell you your print costs.
  3. After you receive print costs, you will be required to come in and pay for your prints before we can start them.
  4. Staff will contact you again once your prints are complete and ready for pickup.

Begin your request:

Please review the 3D Printer Policy before submitting a print.


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