The Lifelong Learning Center offers free tutoring for learners of all ages. Confidential and private tutoring is available during library hours.

K-12 Students

General Studies, Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling & Science


Writing, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Science & English as a Second Language

Adult Citizenship

USCIS Speaking and Writing Interviews & Civics Test Prep

To request a tutor, please fill out the Student Enrollment form.
If you would prefer to talk with a staff member about the program, please call (208)265-2665. We would be happy to assist you.


Volunteer tutors are necessary to make our program successful. Please begin by filling out the Volunteer Application. Prospective tutors should also feel free to contact us to make an appointment for an interview and orientation. Following the orientation, tutors will be matched with a student based on the compatibility of the student's needs and the tutor's skills. An appointment is made for the tutor and the student (and parent(s) if it is a minor or child) to meet with the literacy coordinator in the Lifelong Learning Center office.
Once matched, the tutor and student determine the best time for the tutoring sessions to take place. Generally, students and tutors meet once a week for an hour. These sessions can be held any time that the library is open. Meetings cannot take place in private homes. Confidentiality is important. The Lifelong Learning Center coordinator is available to follow-up, and support and assist as needed.


We offer free exam proctoring. If you need a proctor, please fill out the Proctor ApplicationOur Lifelong Learning Coordinator will contact you for scheduling arrangements. 


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