Extended through August 31st! 
Libraries Rock @ the Sandpoint Library

We offer summer reading programs and incentives for preschoolers through teens.


Log reading between June 11th and August 31st to earn badges and prizes! 

Sign-up online today!



  1. Reading several times each week helps kids maintain and further develop the reading skills they spent the previous school year developing.
  2. Books (and magazines), by exposing children to characters in a variety of situations, help children develop empathy.
  3. Reading exposes children to new ideas and information.
  4. You can read anywhere...at home, at the park, on a plane or at the doctor's office.
  5. Summer reading is fun!

When children read as few as eight books during the summer, they maintain the skills that they spent the past school year developing. If, however, they fail to read for three months, it can take until the end of November to regain the reading skills they had at the end of the previous school year. Summer reading makes the next school year easier.


Summer reading is primarily about… reading!
This summer we are offering preschool and elementary participants the ability to keep track of their summer reading online! As participants log their reading (starting June 11th), they earn badges. Kids can also write reviews and complete challenges to earn additional badges. When they reach goals, they earn drawing entries and prizes that they can pick up at the library. 

The library offers prizes to elementary children for ten, twenty, thirty, and forty hours of reading:

  • 10 hours: Ice Cream coupon
  • 20 hours: Free book
  • 30 hours: Library Choice (varies by library branch & age of participant)
  • 40 hours: Summer Reading t-shirt

Preschoolers receive prizes for reading (or listening to) books. For every 50 books, pick up a prize.

The Final Summer Reading program and prize drawings will on Wednesday, August 8th.


Summer reading sign-up and logging is all online!
Kids and teens can set up their accounts individually or you can make a family account!

Sign-up here!

If you would prefer to keep track of your child's reading on a paper log, you can a print a preschool or elementary reading log.

Teens: reading is based on book reviews rather than hours of reading. Teens earn incentives and drawing entries by reading and writing book reviews. To learn more, sign-up online. Create a teen account or add a teen to a family account.


Our online summer reading is powered by Beanstack. Go to ebonnerlibrary.beanstack.org (same place you signed up) to log your reading.

The "Beanstack Tracker" free mobile app is available in the Google Play store for Android devices and in the App Store for iPhones and iPads. You can log books by scanning barcodes, time your sessions, and view your reading stats at a glance!

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