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It’s the end of Idaho Family Reading Week, “an annual statewide celebration of family reading,” initiated and supported by the ICFL (Idaho Commission for Libraries). This year, our Clark Fork and Sandpoint branches received visits from Little Critter, a character created by author Mercer Meyer and made popular by his picture books featuring the endearing and furry anthropomorphic character.

On Wednesday, Little Critter dropped in during story time in Clark Fork when staff member, Amaryllis Hood just happened to be reading a Little Critter book.

LC photo 1

Story time with Little Critter

LC photo 2

Kids got to pose for pictures with their special visitor.

LC photo 3

Clark Fork staff organized themed snacks and activities too.

On Thursday, the Sandpoint branch organized a party to commemorate Family Reading Week. In addition to fun snacks, activities and a Little Critter visit, Sandpoint Mayor, Shelby Rognstad joined us with a proclamation of Family Reading Week and read a Little Critter story to the kids.


LC photo 4

Little Critter surrounded by some of his biggest fans in Sandpoint

LC photo 5

Little Critter with one of his “littlest” fans.

You can visit our Facebook page to see more pictures from the Sandpoint party.

Our thanks go out to our District Children’s Services Coordinator, Suzanne Davis with the help of Sandpoint and Clark Fork staff and volunteers who organized these two events. Special thanks to Mayor Rognstad for his contribution and to Clark Fork patron, Brian Birch and Sandpoint volunteer, Nanette Heintzelman and James Harris, for their part in bringing Little Critter to life.

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