Mock Newberry


Every January, the American Library Association recognizes the best books of the year for children. One of ALA's oldest and most prestigious awards is the John Newbery Award. The Newbery is awarded to the most notable work for children (up to age 14), fiction or nonfiction, poetry or prose, published by an American author during the past year. Newbery winners are chosen by that year's Newbery Committee. The 2017 Newbery winner will be announced on Monday, January 23rd. 


The East Bonner County Library District will be hosting a Mock Newbery. We have identified some of the most talked-about books of the year. Books vary in intended audience, theme, interest, and appropriateness for a given child (just as real Newbery winners do.) Adults and children are welcome to join us in voting for the East Bonner County Library Mock Newbery Winner.  See below to learn how to participate:

  1. Choose one of the participating titles to read. 
  2. Review the title using the library catalog after you finish reading it, ranking it between 1-5 stars and leaving a brief comment about your thoughts on the book. Click on the title below to go to the catalog and review.
  3. Choose another title and repeat.
  4. Recheck the list frequently, as we will add titles as they are released and added to the collection.
  5. Vote for your favorite title. Voting will take place after Christmas. Exact dates will be announced. 
  6. Optional: Attend one of the Mock Newbery discussions to be held in early January.
  7. Watch our Facebook page to see which book won OUR Mock Newbery. Then, check our Facebook page on January 23rd to see which books won the Newbery and Newbery Honors.


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