VR Web

Ready to try to whole new experience?

Explore the world with Google Earth VR, swim in the deep sea, go on a virtual tour, play arcade-style games or walk a plank suspended from an 80-story building - all from the safety of The Library!

New Hours!

15-minute drop-in sessions available on Tuesdays 3 pm -6 pm. First come, first served.

Reservations are available on Fridays from 10 to 1 and Saturdays from 2 to 4. No waiting in line! Sign-up now! 
Participants must be present by 5 minutes after the scheduled start time or the reservation will be forfeited.

Last available start time is 1/2 an hour prior to ending times.

All participants must sign a release of liability to participate. Minors must have a guardians signature and participants 10 and under must have a legal guardian present while using the VR system. 

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