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Week of August 14, 2017

  • Production is approximately 3 weeks behind schedule due to soil testing.
  • Shelving, tables, computer, and materials are being continually moved. Patrons are encouraged to ask librarians for assistance locating materials.
  • Foundation footings are being poured and set this week. Foundation walls will be poured and set early next week.
  • Exterior demolition continues this week.
  • The soil that was temporarily placed in front of the Quonset hut will begin to be moved on Tuesday, 8/15.
  • Foundation (from the house that was removed on the lot next to the Quonset hut) will be pulled this week. Curbs and sidewalks will be poured shortly thereafter.
  • As library staff completes the clearing of designated areas, crews will begin demolition of the interior of the library, building a temporary wall between usable space and the construction zone.
  • Furniture, shelving, and equipment are being stored in the library garages, displacing the two library vans and the Bookmobile. The Bookmobile is parked outside the garage when it is not in use. Staff vehicles are being parked offsite to allow for maximum patron parking.
  • A moving company will be moving the moving the extra furniture from the lobby, the garage and the meeting rooms to the Quonset hut early next week. 
  • The Friends of the Library will also be moving their books to the Quonset hut for storage. 

Weeks of July 31st, 2017 
& August 7th, 2017

  • Construction crews were halted the week of 7/24 so that the poor soil could be removed and replaced with crushed rock that can be compacted sufficiently.  Construction will resume as soon as possible.

Week of July 24th, 2017

  • Excavation work was on hold the week of 7/17. The soil is not capable of being compacted sufficiently to support a structure as it is. The contractor and architect are performing soil compaction test to determine how and when to proceed.
  • Library staff moved materials and furniture from the east wall of the library in preparation for demolition of that wall. Every effort is being made to ensure that all materials continue to be readily available to patrons. Some seldom circulated materials and furnishings have been relocated to the garage for storage. 
  • Monday, 7/24: Northcon. Inc. will begin removing the brick from the exterior east wall. Expect disruptive noise due to sledgehammers, air hammers, and the like.
  • Children's Services Librarian, Suzanne Davis will be stationed at the Information Desk throughout the remainder of the project. The Children's Area will continue to be available to patrons.

    Week of July 10, 2017

  • The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Monday, 7/10.
  • Local contractor, Lippert Heavy Equipment removed the patio on 7/10.
  • Wed. 7/12, Nothcon, Inc.'s Brandon Spry (Regional Mgr.) and Curt Carney (Project Manager) held a Neighborhood Focus Group to discuss the project's impact on nearby residents.
    -Crews are working diligently 7 am to 5 pm M-F to stay within project timeline and get outside work done before winter. If the crew gets behind schedule, some weekend/evening work may happen.
  • 7/12: short-term timeline announced
    -Waterline for fire suppression system to be installed within 2 weeks.
    -Foundation will be poured within 3 weeks.
    -Structural steel will be installed within 2 months. Fabrication begins next week. Local contractor, Sandpoint Framing with be doing the structure.
  • 7/13: Children Services Area began relocating books and office of Children's Librarian
  • 7/14: Children's Area wall mural dismantled.

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