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scholastic teachables

 Teachers & Parents: Try our newest online resource just for you! Save hours of prep time with ready-to-go lesson plans and activities for all subjects and skill levels, grades K-8th! Sort by grade, subject, theme and more!

Find Scholastic Teachable on our Digital Library page. All resources are in alphabetical order or you can sort by category - "Education".


All branches of the East Bonner County Library District will be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.

SR 2019 Feature

Summer Reading 2019: A Universe of Stories

Summer Reading starts June 10th!

More information coming soon!

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Eat local. Shop local. Read local.

Discover new authors. They might even be your neighbor! Use our Local Author Collection to find works from local authors, read their bios and book reviews, then find their books in our library catalog to check out and take home. Check out our Local Author Collection and start discovering.

Let us take you to your reader.

Authors: Our Local Author Collection is your connection to local readers. Your hard work and talent should not go unnoticed and your library is dedicated to giving readers free access to your work. Your achievement will be appreciated by more people as your work gets more exposure through our collection. If you are a Bonner County resident, contact us about adding your books to our Local Author Collection. Be sure to read the policies linked at the top of the page.

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