A couple of months ago, we were talking road trips and the beginning of summer. This morning there was a bit of a chill in the air, which to me felt amazing, and to those summer obsessives out there, probably triggered a mild depression, but it reminded me that summer is drawing to a close (even though temps are still hitting the 90s). So maybe, just maybe, you are done with the main part of your seasonal gallivanting and are ready to hang out at home and CHILL THE MOST. If so, get ready to enjoy it to the max, because the Library is here for you.

If you’ve already started hibernating and wondered what Thursday night’s fireworks were for, it’s Festival time! However, if you’d rather save your cash or not wait in line for the privilege of using a porta-potty, you can catch the tunes via the Library-curated Festival playlist on Freegal - whenever, wherever, for free. And if you feel like hosting a mini-Festival in your backyard, stream the playlist while you serve up summer cocktails with meze or tapas (fancy foreign words for “appetizers”). Maybe you’re not flying to the Mediterranean anytime soon, but I bet there is some manchego or myzithra lurking in your local deli case, for all your vicarious traveling needs.

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If you like the idea of outdoor cooking and entertaining but aren’t so sure about the execution, let the Library help you out by searching “outdoor cooking,” “barbecue cooking,” “picnics,” or “entertaining” in the catalog. From frat house to Martha Stewart, we’ve got something for every level of host. If someone else is hosting and your nibbles need to travel, we also have a great collection of potluck ideas.

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August is Family Fun Month, and maybe this is just the introvert in me talking, but in my opinion, there’s no better fun to be had than in your own backyard. Throw down a slip-n-slide for the kids, toss some hardy foods on the grill, and kick back. If you are family-free, invite friends, neighbors, and random strangers over to enjoy the dog days in the haze. You earned it.

Vanessa Velez, Collection Development Librarian

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