Have you ever requested an item from the library catalog to have it magically and conveniently appear to your delight on the holds shelf? Our library treasure hunters (aka. holds assistants) are the ones who make the magic happen.

Up until now, our staff have been the sole treasure hunters. Because our patrons use and appreciate this service so much, we are now enlisting the help of volunteers.

Two volunteers have joined us so far. We are looking for four more.

If you’re good at finding library materials and enjoy the hunt, this could be a great way to contribute to a great library.


Here's what our treasure hunters do:

holds coordinator in action


  • Assist the Circulation Department by pulling patron hold requests from library collections.
  • Holds Assistant is provided with list of materials to find.
  • Once found, materials are given to assigned staff member to scan and generate holds slips.
  • Volunteer and/or staff member then places slips in corresponding items.
  • Volunteer files these items on holds shelf ready for patron pick-up.





We are seeking volunteers available on at least one of the following days:

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Ideally our treasure hunters are available from 8 to 10 am on their chosen day, however we are very flexible. Even Monday and/or Thursday evenings (5-7 pm) are a possibility.

If you love hunting for materials and want to become a library treasure hunter, you can fill out our online application.

Annette Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator

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