My name is Aaron Horowitz and it is my great pleasure to guest blog for the East Bonner County Library as an intern. 

The games I usually go for are Role-Playing, sandbox/open-world adventure, with Sci-Fi and/or Medieval Fantasy, an engaging story, customization of character; story; and/or world. I play video games because just like any other story, the story of an interactive video game can inspire those imaginative enough to use what they find in various other aspects of their life.

“Video games have democratized the nature of storytelling, which allows players to take part in the stories being told. And when the story is interactive, more complex tales can be told.”1



When apathetic about what game one would want to start playing, Steam has got their back as it’ll always have thousands of PC games to enjoy for any personality. Steam is certified as the #1 Online Gaming Platform.


With over 4,000 individual titles, GMG is a fantastic alternative to Steam. Unlike Steam’s pay-to-play system, GMG actually pays their consumers to play, with Playfire Rewards. 

Gaming Collage


Bethesda Softworks' library consists of, but is not limited to, fan favorites such as Fallout; The Elder Scrolls; The Evil Within; Wolfenstein; and as such, it may be a good place to visit occasionally for ideas on what to play.


Although this platform is home to only six games as of the time of writing this blog (June 27, 2017), Battle.Net hosts first person shooter in Overwatch; Player-versus-Player battlegrounds in World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm; discovery and history of nearly every game; Playing Cards in Hearthstone; references to myth and legend in nearly every game and open-world exploration in World of Warcraft. 

Just like reading a good book, playing a good game can move your emotions. Regardless of how one fuels their imagination, effort is 100% required to stay on the task of exploring any given storyline, be it a book, film/ show, or game.

Aaron Horowitz, Intern

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