Spring has sprung! And if you’re anything like me, you’re hearing about all of the great garden endeavors of your friends and neighbors and thinking:”Wow, I wish I knew how to do all of this stuff!”

All the while, I’m just sitting here with this expression on my face.

Where do I start

The Seed Library

Whether this is your first time growing or you’re a seasoned vet, this should be your first stop. The Seed Library is The Library’s pet project: We’re encouraging heirloom vegetables to be locally grown and raised by you: Our patrons.

If something horrible were to happen to the large seed companies, or the plants themselves, we as a community could be facing a very sudden and very harsh reality. Our food will be gone!

Think of the Seed Library as the last line of defense. If something terrible happens, Bonner County has a backup plan. Locally grown flowers and veggies suited for our area for the people, by the people.

But the Library and the community needs your help to make sure that last line of defense is strong, and gets even stronger.

How It Works


  1. Check Out: Fill out the information on the sheet at the Seed Library, take the seeds you want and you’re ready to start!
  2. Grow the Plants: Keep an eye on some of the fruit you plan on eating, as well as the fruit you want to harvest for seeds.
  3. Harvest the Seeds: This is the important part. We have packets here year-round for you. Just fill out the information on the packet, put the seeds you’ve harvested into the packets and bring them back to The Library. Think of it as returning your check-out.
  4. Profit! You’ve become a gardener and you’ve helped your community! Awesome!

More Seed Donations = Stronger Seed Library

If you take seeds but bring nothing back, this could do some real harm to the Seed Library in the long run. The stronger the Seed Library is, the bigger our community’s safety net becomes. If the Seed Library grows enough, it’s possible you may even see new items or tools for check-out related to it, you never know!

Seed drawer


If you’re trying to find the Seed Library, check near the fire exit by the Computer Bank. It’s hanging out there in an old school card catalog cabinet with all the information you could ever dream to have.

This is a pivotal year for the Seed Library. It’s lasted longer than most, but it needs your help more than ever this year!

Do you have questions, concerns, or donations and you don’t know where to start? Drop by the Information Desk. If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can. Trust me.

Knowledge, Your Sharpest Trowel

You’ve got your seeds, you’ve got a handful of dirt, you’ve got enough determination to build the Pyramids of Giza with one hand tied behind your back, now what?

The Library has your back.

If there’s one thing we do well, it’s storing thousands of years of knowledge in free and easy-to-access forms. I have three magic numbers that are going to make your gardening adventure much, much easier.


This is the Dewey Decimal Number for all things gardening. Ask one of us at Information Desk where to find this in our Non-fiction section downstairs and we’ll be happy to show you. From there it breaks the information down into sections. Looking to grow tomatoes? That’s right down here! Are Orchids your cup o’tea? They’re just to your right!

We’re here and happy to help. Even if your request is really specific. If you only want to grow an endangered type of rare Asiatic Orchid, we will find the information for you. It might not be in our library, but if there’s written information available to the public we will find it for you.

Between the Seed Library, information and a little elbow grease, we will enable you to transform your garden from this:

I wish I had gone to the library

To this:

nasa loves my garden

So come visit us, and see what cool stuff you can bring home!

Brenden Bobby, Library Technician

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