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East Bonner County Library District

Your request for a meeting room has been submitted. You will be emailed or otherwise contacted, as soon as possible, to confirm your reservation, or to reschedule if a room is not available at the time you requested. Thank you!

East Bonner County Library District

Thank you! When a need arises for someone with your qualifications and interests you will be contacted and interviewed for the position. Volunteer applications are retained for one year.

East Bonner County Library District


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Expanding into the future.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Many of us work indoors, we often exercise at home or in a gym, we eat and sleep indoors, and we...

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Volunteering Is Good For You

“Eat your veggies. They’re good for you.” This infamous phrase likely brings back memories of din...

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The Library Garden

We live in an extraordinary place. People are drawn here for the natural beauty, friendly locals, ...

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Teen Graphic Novels

In previous posts, (found here and here) I’ve discussed my love of audiobooks. But I also love another non-traditional format: graphic n...

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